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TriM Scope II Overview

  • Fast intravital imaging with Cloud and resonant Scanner

  • FRAP, photoactivation, photostimulation, uncaging and line imaging with Cloud Scanner

  • SHG and THG imaging with OPO and Ti:Sa laser

  • Integrated FLIM imaging with LaVision BioTec’s FLIM x16 TCSPC detector

  • Ultrafast 64 beam imaging with up to 100 frames/s @ 2560x2160 pixel

The TriM Scope II is a modular 2-photon microscope platform that can be adapted to most applications. It comes with an upright, inverted or both stands and allows simultaneous scanning with up to two Ti:Sa lasers, one or two OPOs and various visible laser lines.

To increase the imaging speed it can be equipped with LaVision BioTec‘s 64 Beam Splitter, LaVision BioTec‘s Cloud Scanner and a resonant scanner. In addition to its imaging capabilities the TriM Scope II provides various line scanning and photo treatment modes that allow fast data acquisition, photo stimulation, uncaging and bleaching. Finally the TriM scope can be combined with a variety of detectors. Up to 2 imaging camera detectors for 64 beam imaging, up to 8 NDD PMT detectors, up to 3 descanned PMT detectors and LaVision BioTec’s FLIM x16 TCSPC detector.

Hardwarefeatures of the TriMScope II

  • laser combiner up to 2 Ti:Sa + OPO

  • chirp compensation optional

  • two internal EOMs, up to 8 EOM or AOM in total

  • adjustment control with 4 Quadrant Diodes

  • variable telescope, large diameter Optics

  • motorized tubelens

  • compact 64x beamsplitter available as upgrade

New scanfeatures

  • ROI-scanning (arbitrary speed and field dimension

  • off center fields, large scans, line averaging)

  • linescanning (high speed single line, polygon scanning)

  • multipoint access, mixed scanmodes

Phototreatment using a single scanner

  • single and multiple ROIs

  • cutting with the laser: arbitrary line scans

  • automation

Advanced phototreatment with EOM/AOM

  • local power adaptation

  • switching between different lasers

  • 3D phototreatment

  • visible and UV laser for photoactivation and photoswitching

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