iDISCO mouse embryo

Motoneurons & sensory neurons

Visualization of motoneurons and sensory neurons with tag-1 and ChAT immunolabelling.

Courtesy of Chloe Dominici and Alain Chédotal, INSTITUT DE LA VISION, Paris, France

iDISCO mouse brain

Short iDISCO+ demo

This video goes through a few types of samples processed with iDISCO+ whole-mount immunolabeling and clearing:

  •  Tyrosine Hydroxylase staining in an adult mouse brain
  •  ChAT-cre , Ai14 stained for Tomato, to reveal the cholinergic system in an intact adult mouse brain
  •  Hb9-GFP embryo stained for TrkA and GFP, to reveal motor and nociceptive fibers.

Courtesy of Nicolas Renier


3D data collection

Neurobiologists from the Vision Institute in Paris (P.I., Dr Alain Chédotal) and from JPArc in Lille (P.I., Dr Paolo Giacobini) collected 3D data of immunolabeled and transparent human embryos to understand birth defects, of structural or functional origin.

Projections across the species

Drosophila larvae - zebra fish - chicken embryo - mouse neurons