TriM Scope II Series



Upright and Inverted Stands

The TriM Scope II 2-Photon microscope is available  as upright and inverted configuration or as combination thereof ("Doubleheader"). LaVision BioTec offers several stands:

Upright Stands:

  • LaVision BioTec' s Upright Intravital Stand
  • Olympus BX 51 WI
  • Nikon Eclipse FN-1
  • Zeiss Axio Examiner

Inverted Stands:

  • Nikon Ti-U
  • Zeiss Axio Observer.

The stands have an integrated stage or can be combined with LaVsion BioTec’s Intravital Stage or 3rd party stages, for example for patch clamp applications.

The TriM Scope II "Doubleheader" configuration with an upright and inverted stand sharing one scanhead