TriM Scope II Series



The TriM-Scope can be equipped with up to 6 PMT detectors (standard Multialkali type, GaAs or ultrasensitive GaAsP), which enables simultaneous multi-color imaging. The large number of detectors enables a wide overall detection wavelength range as well as high selectivity for individual fluorophores.

Two optional sub-stage PMTs can be added to further increase the detection range, or to enhance collection efficiency.

All PMTs are mounted in non-decscanned configuration at an ultrasensitive port with large optics close to the objective or close to the condenser, thus yielding optimized photon capture.





Quantum efficiency 17% @ 400 nm 15% @ 630 nm 12% @ 650-800 nm 40% @ 550 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 400 nm 630 nm 800 nm 800 nm
Sensitivity adjustment range 1:10000 1:10000 1:50 1:50

The functionality of the TriM Scope can be further enhanced by LaVision BioTec’s specialized detectors for ultrafast Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM).