TriM Scope II "Horizontal"

Sample Rotation by 360 °

LaVision BioTec’s TriM Scope II "Horizontal"  is a 2-photon laser scanning microscope that allows sample rotation by 360° opening up the following opportunities:

  • Increased imaging depth    
  • Good resolution in all dimensions   
  • Imaging a sample from different sides
  • Imaging of freestanding samples
  • Tomographic reconstruction    

Like all other configurations of the modular TriM Scope II series, every "Horizontal" can be individually upgraded ex factory or later onsite:


TriM Scope II "Horizontal"

Design and Components

The heart of this system is the special sample holder. The sample is fixed on top of a small tip which can be rotated by 360°, tilted and moved up and down.

The rotatable tip is located in a chamber which can be filled with all common media like air, water, aqueous buffers, mineral oil and clearing solutions.

TriM Scope II "Horizontal"


Embryonic development over 8 hours of a zebra-fish embryo imaged with the TriM Scope II "Horizontal" while rotating it by 180°. The membrane was labeled with eGFP and the nuclei with mCherry. [Courtesy of Nadine Peyriéras, Director BioEmergences, Gif sur Yvette, France]

Horizontal Detection Unit

Upgrade your TriM Scope II "Upright"

If you already have LaVision BioTec’s TriM Scope II "Upright" and you would like to image your samples from the side, you can easily upgrade your system with the Horizontal Detection Unit. 

Switching between Upright and Horizontal Mode within Seconds

The Horizontal Detection Unit uses the same excitation source and scan optics as the upright system. Switching between both imaging modalities can be done within seconds. The user only needs to push one slider without any re-alignment of the microscope.

Imaging chamber of the Horizontal Detection Unit integrated into the TriM Scope II "Upright".