Intravital Stage

Hand- or motordriven XY-table with long Z-travel for upright microscope stands

La Vision BioTec’s Intravital Stage provides precision hydraulic height adjustment, ample space for positioning of equipment, and large working distance below the objective (up to 200 mm with the extended version). This layout makes it easy to access the sample, allows convenient mounting of physiological equipment such as micro-manipulators, and facilitates working in vivo.

One manual and two versions of motorized stages are available:

  • xy manual, 80 mm z-travel
  • xy motorized, 80 mm z-travel
  • xy motorized, 180 mm z-travel

The motorized version is fully integrated in the ImSpector Software package, and thus allows precise mosaic stitching imaging and multi-region measurements.

Intravital Stage

Dimensions and Specifications

Dimension plate537 mm (width) x 450 mm (depth)
Height z190-270 mm
Maximum travel50 mm (x) x 50 mm (y) x 80 [180] mm (z)
Resolution xy0.078 µm
Repetition accuracy1.0 µm
Maximum speedup to 4.4 mm/s
Sample plate holderaccepts sample plates with an outer
diameter of 110 mm
Top platemagnetic stainless steel, with mounts for sample
holder and a 25 mm x 25 mm thread [M6] array