TriM Scope II Series



A large variety of lasers can be accommodated, either alone or in combination: classical TiSa (680-1080 nm), ultra-wide tunable (660-1320 nm), OPO (1010-1340 nm), and fixed-wavelength femtosecond (1040 or 1070 nm), visible lasers for phototreatment

This enables high flexibility regarding fluorophores and optogenetic actuators with different excitation ranges, as well as simultaneous excitation of several dyes.

Optional dispersion compensation keeps laser pulse length short, which guarantees efficient excitation with any type of optical layout and objective.

A common problem when using different laser wavelengths for inspection of numerous dyes or for simultaneous imaging and photomanipulation is a mismatch of focal planes. The TriMSope II can be equipped with adjustable telescope optics to solve this problem.

Type Wavelength [nm] Models (examples) Application Probes (examples)
Titanium-Sapphire 690-1080 Coherent Chameleon Ultra II, Spectra Physics MaiTai Fluorescence GFP, GCaMP, YFP
Optogenetics & Uncaging ChR2, MNI-Glu, RuBi-GABA
SHG intrinsic
OPO 1010-1340 Coherent Chameleon  MPX (pumped with Ultra II) Fluorescence RFP, mCherry
Optogenetics C1V1
SHG, THG intrinsic
Ultra-wide tunable 680-1300 Spectra Physics InSight X3, Coherent Chameleon Discovery Fluorescence GFP, GCaMP, YFP, RFP, mCherry
Optogenetics & Uncaging ChR2, MNI-Glu, RuBi-GABA, C1V1
SHG, THg intrinsic
Fixed-Wavelength Femtosecond 1045, 1070 Coherent Fidelity-2, Spectra Physics HighQ-2 Optogenetics C1V1, ReaChR
Visible lasers (1-photon) 488, 532, 561, 594, 637, etc. Coherent Obis Fluorescence GFP, YFP, mCherry
Optogenetics & Uncaging ChR2, MNI-Glu, Halorhodopsin, Chrimson