TriM Scope II "Matrix"

Combining 2-Photon Microscopy with Behavioral Tests

Methods to monitor neural activity in head-fixed rodents during behavioral action have revolutionized neuroscience. Many microscope platforms provide only limited space below the objective, which renders installation of devices that enable behavioral action and readout impossible. 

LaVision BioTec’s TriM Scope “Matrix” comes with a design that will leave nothing to be desired for researchers doing brain studies in awake, behaving rodents, or in vivo studies in other organ systems.


TriM Scope II "Matrix"

Design and Components

Unique gantry-like architecture provides unobstructed access to the space below the objective fitting with any commercial behavioural readout and virtual reality system, such as:

  • Air-lifted Styrofoam balls (PhenoSys)
  • Carbon cages (Neurotar)
  • Treadmill belts (Luigs & Neumann)
  • Custom-made devices.

Optics and scanners are mounted in a spacious high rack instead of a densely packed scanhead  resulting in ultimate flexibility for laser beam paths and scanners, to combine 2-photon imaging with 1- or 2-photon optogenetics or uncaging.

The tiltable objective mount gives access to target regions that would be difficult to reach directly from above.

Rodent head-fixation can be mounted directly to objective holder reducing motion artifacts  compared with classical head-fix mounting on the stage.