TriM Scope II "Upright"

Upgradable Basic 2-Photon System

Our basic upright TriMScope presents a perfect cost-efficient entry into the world of 2-photon microscopy. Stripped down to just those components really required for highly-sensitive deep-tissue imaging, it still presents a versatile instrument that can be used for many different applications.

Being modular in design, our basic setup enables experimenters to further enhance the versatility of their systems at any time by choosing from a large set of individual upgrades.


TriM Scope II "Upright"

Design and Components

The stage, either manual or motorized, provides hydraulic height adjustment, ample space for positioning of equipment, and large working distance below the objective (up to 200 mm with the extended version). This layout makes it easy to access the sample, allows convenient mounting of physiological equipment such as micromanipulator, and facilitates working in vivo.