October 2021
Launch of the TriM Scope™ Matrix multiphoton microscope.

October 2020
Opening of the MACS Innovation and Training Center (MITC) Bielefeld – Center of Excellence, Imaging, and Microscopy to train customers and staff on all current imaging products.

May 2020
Launch of the fully automated UltraMicroscope Blaze™, the light sheet microscope for imaging large or multiple cleared samples..

December 2018
The Göttingen-based company Scivis, a specialist in scientific image processing, joins LaVision BioTec. 

October 2018
LaVision BioTec became part of the Miltenyi Biotec family. By combining LaVision BioTec’s imaging know-how with Miltenyi Biotec’s expertise in cell analysis and innovative detection reagents, fully scalable workflow solutions, allowing the analysis at all levels, starting at an organ or full-tumor level, going a step down to the tissue level and even further into detail on a single-cell level can be offered.

March 2014
The 2nd generation of the LaVision BioTec Light Sheet Microscope entered the market

June 2012
ZIM award from the German Ministry for Economy & Technology for the LaVision BioTec Light Sheet 

June 2011
Move to new facilities at Astastraße 14, Bielefeld, Germany

October 2008
Opening of the new production site

June 2008
Shipment of the first TriM Scope II to Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

October 2007
Shipment of the first BioAnalyzer Gel to University of Konstanz, Germany

June 2006  
Advance repayment of all venture capital

October 2004
Shipment of the first commercial OPO-based multi-photon microscope to Rudolf-Virchow Center,
Würzburg, Germany

December 2002
Move to new facilities at Meisenstraße 65, Bielefeld, Germany

December 2002       
Shipment of the first TriM Scope to Institute Jacques-Monod, Paris, France

April 2001   
Shipment of the first BioAnalyzer 4F to Febit AG, Mannheim, Germany

June 2000
Founding as a spin-off from the University of Bielefeld and LaVision GmbH in Göttingen, Germany